World Freemasonry Unveiled by Wilk Mocy Publishers

51QPAliG8HLWhat is Freemasonry and what are its goals?

Most of us have been taught that Freemasonry is just a philanthropic organization dedicated to helping advance the interests of mankind in a positive direction. But if this is true, then why is Freemasonry a secret society? Why do the brethren conduct their business behind lock and key? Why do they refer to non-Masons as “profane”? Why do they discriminate against women? And why are Masons so prevalent in government, finance, the military and business?

This rare and original Third Reich publication answers these questions, and so many more, concisely and simply. If you want to know why the world exists as it does, and why politics is the way it is, then you must read this booklet.

You will not be disappointed!

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